We have doctors who specialize in virtually every area of equine medicine.

Sports Medicine

When you choose Wisconsin Equine Clinic & Hospital  for your horse, you are assured that every medical condition, from critical care to routine work-up's, will be handled under one roof by outstanding doctors who have been recognized as the best in their fields.

We are your team at Wisconsin Equine Clinic & Hospital.


Emergency/Critical Care

Internal Medicine

Diagnostic Imaging


Integrative Medicine

Preventive Health Care


Sports Medicine

Sports medicine is a specialty which is focused on optimizing your horse’s performance, without sacrificing health or wellbeing. The Wisconsin Equine sports medicine team is proud to offer both time-proven methods along with cutting edge techniques in lameness diagnostics, mobile imaging and regenerative therapies. Whether you are dealing with a stubborn lameness, evaluating a potential new stable member or simply trying to keep your current mount comfortable through the show season, with the Wisconsin Equine sports medicine team, your goals are our goals.

Lameness exams

Pre-purchase exams

Regenerative therapies

Corrective podiatry/shoeing

Shockwave therapy

Emergency/Critical Care 24/7/365

No matter the emergency, no matter the time of day, Wisconsin Equine Clinic and Hospital’s highly skilled staff is able to address both the needs of the horse and the client. We utilize state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic procedures both in the hospital and in the field. Working with the latest technology, our specialized staff is able to provide horse owners with invaluable emergent services and care.



Neonatal Care


Foaling Mares

Camera Monitoring

Internal Medicine

WECH is fully equipped to diagnose and treat horses with a multitude of illnesses, from pneumonia, heart disease, liver disease, renal disease, weight loss, neurologic disease, neonatal diseases and colic.





ReSpiratory disease




Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic imaging has become an increasingly important part of veterinary medicine. Wisconsin Equine Clinic and Hospital realizes the importance of having these services available to provide the best and most efficient care to our patients. For this reason many of these services are now mobile and can be provided at either the farm or hospital setting. MRI, for example, allows imaging of both soft tissues and bone in a way that no other diagnostic procedure can leading to a more accurate diagnosis, treatment plan and outcome.

Standing MRI

Digital Radiography

Digital Ultrasound



Dynamic Endoscopy


Our reproductive service offers comprehensive mare and stallion care by our leading reproductive team. We take pride in a team-oriented approach to both mare and stallion reproductive medicine, with a focus on innovative and cutting-edge techniques. Our team is dedicated to providing meticulous attention to every aspect of breeding management.

Breeding management

Embryo transfer

Fresh/frozen semen

Breeding Soundness exams

Reproductive surgery

Semen Freezing

Integrative Medicine

At WECH, we are proud to offer whole horse “holistic” treatment options for the best care and management of your horse. Our doctors combine traditional veterinary diagnostic and treatment options with a variety of complementary therapies to help you attain the highest level of success for your equine partner.


Veterinary Spinal Manipulation Therapy (Veterinary Chiropractic)

Chinese Herbal Therapy

Laser therapy

Equine Rehabilitation

Preventive Health Care

Routine wellness exams, vaccinations and dentistry are an important part of keeping your horse healthy. They are also a great opportunity for our veterinarians to check in with horses and their owners to help detect early changes in your horses overall health and performance.

Wellness checks




From routine to emergency, young to old, we know your horse is your partner and part of the family. That is why we use the latest in equipment and procedures to help get your partner through their surgical procedure and back home as quickly and safely as possible.


Soft tissue




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