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At Wisconsin Equine Clinic & Hospital, we understand that your horse is more than ‘just a horse’.

They are friends.
They are family.
They are teammates.

Whether your horse lives at home or at a show barn, whether you have a love of trail riding or goals of competing at the highest levels of your sport, whether you are in need of a routine soundness work-up or emergent care...we are here for you!

We are a team of diversely-trained equine veterinarians who work collaboratively to ensure the best possible outcome for you and your horse. We offer on-farm care and a world-class hospital setting, providing comprehensive solutions to your horse’s health and wellness needs.

We are your team at Wisconsin Equine Clinic & Hospital.

Spring Willow Farm has 20 horses in our care and we’ve been working with Wisconsin Equine for over a decade. We count on them for timely, reliable diagnosis and effective treatment. The depth and knowledge they have within their practice always gives us great comfort.

Kathy and Bob Emery
Spring Willow Farm

Big Man’s surgery was my first experience with Wisconsin Equine. I appreciated the care you and your team provided him. The communication I observed amongst your staff was outstanding. Everyone appeared to be onboard and aware of the horses being cared for at your facility. You have some great processes in place!

Danni Boesel

We brought our mare Lexie to the Wisconsin Equine to have her evaluated for navicular. The whole time we were treated as if Lexie was a million dollar racehorse. Dr. Langer and his staff never talked down to us. We felt like royalty. WI Equine was the best experience with a vet we’ve ever had. We would have no second thoughts about taking a horse there again!

WIsconsin Equine Client

We bought our farm in SE Wisconsin five years ago and found WECH to take care of our beloved horses. Our horses (and we who love them) are so fortunate! They provide a truly superb standard of care, help with lameness issues, incredible knowledge, skill and support during traumatic emergency situations. The team at WECH is phenomenal!

Melita Balch

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