Established in 1992

Wisconsin Equine Clinic & Hospital was founded in 1992 by Dr. Robert and Gina Magnus and veterinary services were first provided in a remodeled dairy barn!

Dr. Magnus quickly realized he was going to need help and recruited Dr. Douglas Langer straight from his surgical residency in California to join the team. Dr. Magnus and Dr. Langer not only offered exemplary care, but prioritized their client relationships and built their business by word of mouth referrals. The business grew exponentially and in 1998 Wisconsin Equine and Lake Country Equine merged and moved into the facility we call home today.

As the clinic grew, so did the vision.

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“We were (and still are) committed to working hard, offering superior care and more comprehensive services than anyone else in the area."
- Dr. Langer 

Wisconsin Equine Clinic & Hospital was a pioneer in veterinary technology, being the first hospital in the area to offer digital radiography, MRI and advanced reproductive services. Today we are proud to have a diverse team of doctors, all with unique specialties and areas of interest, allowing us to offer the most comprehensive solutions for your horse’s health and wellness needs.

“Looking ahead, we will continue to focus on advancing veterinary medicine, but promise to stay true to our core values of offering great customer service and the absolute best care.”
- Dr. Bourne

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